Gravity and God.

GravityHow much thought have you given to the concept of gravity? To be honest I don’t think about it a whole lot, for the most part I just take it for granted. When I do the things I do, I stay in contact with the ground beneath my feet, as do the objects around me. We can’t see gravity, we can’t turn it off, it is always active. We have all heard the common phrase “what goes up, must come down.” It seems like a simple concept but there is a lot of depth to understanding the how and why of gravity. I will leave the mind-numbing details on the topic to the great scientific minds of the past such as Newton and Galileo.

When we reflect on the extensive description and character of our God and His holiness, we must consider that He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present. All throughout scripture we are reminded of His great power, plan and presence and the book of Esther is no exception. It is interesting to note that throughout the story God’s name is never mentioned. When I read through the story of Esther and her rise to become queen, I can’t help but see the works of an all-powerful God. This story isn’t just about a beautiful woman who catches the eye of a King, it is about God using one of His servants to set in motion a plan to save his people from complete destruction. In an earlier entry I talked about the faith that Esther had and how she was the “superhero” of the story when really all along it was God working through His servants to accomplish His mission and fulfill His promise.

The book of Esther has all the elements to stand alone story, a good plot, action, tragic events, suspense, passion and ultimately leads to a happy ending. When we consider the “gravity” of the story, when we read it through knowing that God had orchestrated each and every moment from the beginning to the end for His purpose, it helps me reflect on how He continues to work today. Some would say that we live in a “Godless society” today, and for many this is true. I know that I live in a world where God is alive and active, and yes, sometimes I take that for granted, just as I do the principles of gravity. Just as God worked through the life story of Esther, He continues to work in all of our lives with a purpose. Sometimes we may not see God working in the day to day of our lives but He has a plan (all-knowing), He walks beside each and every one of us (all-present) and has the power to change and use us for His purpose (all-powerful).


EstherPeter Parker (a.k.a. Spider man) and Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. Batman) share a few things in common that run deeper than the obvious fact that they are fictitious characters possessing a particular “superpower” that makes them into the superhero they are. Like many of us they each have a story, a story that shapes and defines who they are. Both of these unlikely heroes share a similar start in life, both were orphaned as young children and were raised with the help of family and friends. Both went through some sort of transformation that led them to a place where they were compelled to do good and save the lives of many people.

As I read through Esther, I read her story like that of a real life superhero. She shares a similar story to that of our fictitious characters described above. Orphaned as a child she was raised by her cousin Mordecai and through God’s plan for her life she was used to save the lives of many people. The record of Esther’s story is one of those inspiring tales of faith and action that has us sitting on the edge of our seat waiting for what comes next. Esther’s faith in God becomes clear to me when she speaks these words: “And if I perish, I perish” (4:16). Esther’s actions from this point on, put her own life at risk. Presenting herself to the King without request by him was punishable by death. It was because of her courageous faith that she was able to face death in order to save her people from being destroyed.

Often there is a sense of secrecy that surrounds the life of a superhero, this is true for Esther as well. Chapter 2:10 tells us that “Esther had not revealed her nationality and family background because Mordecai had forbidden her to do so”. Esther’s story unfolds and eventually her true identity is revealed through her appeal for the king to help save her people. Through Esther’s story we read how God plans and directs all the events in her life, how one circumstance led to another working to save the people and ultimately bring honor and glory to His name. The same can be said about our lives, as we grow in our faith I believe God also calls us to grow in living that faith out in action. Esther faced challenges and victories just as we will in our own lives, we need to have courageous faith, fearless hope and unwavering trust in God for all that He does.