Power in Prayer

Paul understood the power of prayer; you might think this is an obvious statement and wonder why I might even bring it up. As we read through 1 & 2 Thessalonians we see over and over how Paul is dedicated to praying for the Thessalonians, he knows the challenges they will continue to face and can rejoice and be thankful with them for the good things the Lord has done in their lives.

Paul as an apostle, as a leader is setting the bar for how we need to be living today as Christians in what I think we can consider a similar situation as the Thessalonians only in a different time and place. Today we as leaders have to have the same passion for prayer as Paul did, we need to be praying for the people in our churches and in our communities constantly.

As we continue to grow as leaders and committed followers of Christ one of the things we can learn from Paul is not to be afraid to ask for prayer. Even as Paul continually prays for others he is asking for prayer as he carries on the work of the Lord. We need to humble ourselves and be open and available to ask for prayer in our own lives and for the work of the Lord to be accomplished through the gifts he has given us.


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