Strong Words and a Loving Heart

“Hypocrites… Blind guides… Blind fools… Full of wickedness… Snakes and brood of vipers…”

These are all strong words and declarations Jesus speaks to the teachers of the law and the Pharisees. Jesus presents for us some of the consequences and threats that sin and darkness have for leaders and more specifically to those whose positions are involved with spiritual leadership.

Matthew chapter 23 gives us some important reminders, we as leaders need help to understand the dangers of falling away from God’s leading in our lives. Our lives need to reflect the words we speak, we need to live the truths that have been given to us through the word. Attitudes of servant hood and humility should stand in place of seeking distinction and praise. When Gods people respond to His call we need to encourage and rejoice with them as they live a new life in Christ. God’s love for us is revealed through His justice, mercy and faithfulness in our lives, our efforts must reflect these things over the arguments and sometimes meaningless specifics. Leading with a righteous heart and living in an attitude of love of others will show that God has done a great work in our lives making us an example for others to follow.

Growing up I often heard this statement “hate the sin not the sinner”. Jesus despised what the Pharisees were doing but I do believe that He had a love for them as He did for all the lost people. Jesus “longed to gather” (to love and care for) the people of Jerusalem including the Pharisees and teachers. Even though some may choose to separate from him he is wanting and waiting for us to cry out “blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”

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