Daniel, You and Me…

threeAs I wade through the spectacular dreams of the kings and hear Daniels prophetic interpretations I can’t help but notice what the end result is in each scene, it’s something we like to call a conversion experience. We see a change of heart that leads King Nebuchadnezzar to “praise and extol and honor the King of Heaven” (4:37). King Belshazzar even though we don’t know if he turned hos heart to the Lord was used by God to make his presence known among the people. Through the events of the lion’s den King Darius makes a decree that all in his command are to “tremble and fear before the God of Daniel.” (6:26)

Daniel held some high positions in government and administration but God had given him the gifts of prophesy, interpretation and endurance as he fulfilled God plan to reach all the people through the dreams and visions of the kings. Daniel may have had influence within the courts of the king, it was God’s calling on Daniel’s life that led him to be in the presence of the kings as they were confused and unknowingly had God working in them to change. God had used Daniel to impact the lives of unbelieving rulers who in turn had the power and influence over the nations.

Are we like Daniel today? I have the privilege of being in a workplace that encourages spiritual growth and understanding. Like Daniel many of us today work in places that don’t consider faith and religion acceptable and yet through Daniels experiences we can have the hope that God will use us in ways we may not be able to imagine. When I reflect back on the time and space that God has used me in the past, He has opened the doors to many relationships that one day may bring people closer to him.

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