Can You Hear Me Now?

1195551_50578947Reflections founded on the book of Micah as a whole.

“Why didn’t you listen when you were told before?” “We told you so” “Are you listening to us?” “Didn’t you hear us the first time?” “This isn’t the first time you have heard this!”

These are all statements or questions I imagine Micah and some of the other prophets would have had or possibly even said as they lived out their calling as prophets of God among the people of Judah and Israel. In his time Micah had the responsibility of telling the people that God had a plan, a plan of destruction that would wipe out the nation for their wrongdoings and evil ways. For generations the people have heard and mostly ignored the words of the prophets, their lack of listening and actions of disobedience bring us to hear a familiar message through the Minor Prophets.

Chapter 6:8 I believe sums up the words of Micah’s message to the people, “what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love mercy and walk humbly with your God.” It seems so simple, and yet just like the people in Micah’s time we have difficulties understanding and following these words. In society today many of our leaders are just as lost and corrupt as they were back then, it’s hard to find direction when you don’t know who in leadership you can trust to follow.

As I have been reading through the Minor Prophets I can’t help but think about the small remnant of faithful people that have the strength and courage to continue being faithful even as they suffer the same punishment as the unfaithful. Micah near the end of this book offers those faithful few a picture of hope, a hope that continues to keep them on track with God. Today we can be encouraged by the words of hope that Micah presents, we (the faithful) who are trusting in the Lord have the hope of His return and the heavenly blessings that come with that faith and trust in Him. We have the promise of eternal life through Christ and that knowledge is what keeps me going, it is that hope that drives me as I navigate through a life of servant leadership in His name.

Are we like the people that Micah was prophesying to? YES I believe that our culture has fallen into the same problems like that of the people of Judah some 2700 years ago. What is our response? I believe that it is our responsibility as leaders to be working toward a better understanding of what it means to do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly before our God.

One thought on “Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Micah & the other Prophets were given a challenging call. It is not easy to be continually rejected while being faithful to a call. People want to hear what people want to hear. They do not want to hear what they do not want to hear. End result – Rejection. This is not fun but is the reality at times in ministry. Thanks for your thought Steve.

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