inspiration-coverLeonardo da Vinci found inspiration from the study of nature. He was fascinated by the fluid motion of water as it moved over and around obstacles in its path. He observed the intricate patterns etched into the face of leaves and was intrigued with textures and colors. Today we can find inspiration in nature just as he did or we can be inspired by the words of a great speaker, a powerful song, or a beautiful piece of art. But can we find inspiration in something difficult, hard or even devastating? The tough, difficult things of life typically bring us down but sometimes we can find a spark of inspiration or hope through these times.

The story of Job is one of those life stories where someone might find inspiration. I find inspiration in his personal faith and trust in God. His story reveals the strength of a solid foundation in God, as well as revealing the weaknesses in the structure that is built upon it. Like us, Job was only human. His limited knowledge of who God is and how He works brings him to a place where he questions God’s motives and actions. I don’t think there is any doubt that Job wrestled with questions like these: Why pain and suffering? Why death? Where is God? What have I done to deserve this? Is God in really in control?

I can also find inspiration in Job’s discernment as he endured the well intentioned but misdirected arguments of his three friends. In a time where he could have easily followed the direction and counsel of his friends, he knew deep down in his own heart that they were wrong. Job was able to maintain his integrity before God and his friends as he faced his trials. Ultimately in the end Job humbly acknowledges his unworthiness, and gives honor to God’s sovereign power and control over his life.

Finding inspiration in something difficult may not be easy. God made us intelligent and emotional human beings, His plan for our lives calls us to come before him when we are angry, frustrated, scared, burdened, happy, joyful and confident. Like Job, God knows our limits and will walk with us without giving us more that we can handle.

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