Balloons and Kings


Have you ever watched a small child trying to blow up a balloon? Some kids can do it and some can’t.  There is a great deal of energy and force needed at the start to get the first bit of air into the balloon. With excitement and some enthusiasm, they continue to push air into the balloon until it reaches critical mass and either pops and scares them into a crying frenzy or, they let go and giggle as the air escapes and the balloon flies around uncontrollably making a loud noise that makes them to want to do it all over again and again and again.

Reading through 2 Chronicles is an adventure much like that of the illustration of the balloon. We read about many kings who in their time (some as short as 3 months to those who stood for 50+ years) put a great deal of time and energy into building their kingdoms. Many of these kings like the balloon hit a critical mass, a point in time when because of their status, their wealth and power they lose sight of how God was a part of the picture. Many of them started well and yet many fell to the evil of pride, becoming more dependent and determined they could do things on their own rather than with God. I can’t help but think about the account of Hezekiah’s pride and how our gracious God forgave the sin of his heart when he humbly came before Him. This is a powerful story of the destruction that pride can have in our lives, thankfully our God is unchanging and from the time of Hezekiah till now and forever we will always have the opportunity to bring these things before Him.

1 & 2 Chronicles help us see how God worked to fulfill his promise to the people of Israel through the deliverance into the promise land. These words should come to us as encouragement as they would have for the remnant of people as they looked ahead to re-establishing their presence as a nation of God’s chosen people. God used the many kings of Israel to make an impact on the life of the believers in their time. Today as disciples of Christ we may not have the power or influence of a king but we can rest in the greater power of the Holy Spirit to use us to make an impact that leaves a legacy of God’s love just the same.

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