Looking in the Mirror


What do you see when you look in the mirror? The most obvious answer would be that you see your reflection. When we look into a mirror we see an exact image that represents our physical appearance at that particular moment in time. I want to take a moment to gaze into the mirror and reflect (no pun intended) on the image that we can’t see; a part of us that was fearfully and wonderfully made by a creator who, in the beginning, shaped us in His image.

One of the foundational characteristics of who our God is can be found all throughout scripture, among many others it is the attribute of holiness. When we read through the book of Leviticus we are continually reminded of His perfect holiness and how we are to reflect it in our lives as a people set apart from the world.  Leviticus 11:44+45 and 19:2 clearly state to the people of Israel that it was His desire for them to be holy, “be holy, because I am holy”. In the Old testament the particulars of the law were laid out for the people so that they could live in the presence of God and enjoy His blessings. Through Christ and his sacrifice on the cross we no longer have to follow the laws of sacrifice as the Israelites did, but we are still called to be holy. Peter in his first letter to God’s people remind them to remain faithful, conforming not to the evils of the world. They were called to be obedient children, to be holy because He (God) is Holy.

Our being holy does not reflect in our physical appearance as to be seen in a mirror. The reflection of His holiness in our lives is found in our obedience to his word. Holiness is seen in how we live out our daily lives. It is the “putting aside” of the evil desires of the world. It is living to cause the name of Jesus to be exalted, to glorify God and to be His messengers of love everyone. The next time you look into the mirror, think about how you reflect God’s holiness in who you are and what you do.

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