Deception, Honor & Integrity

Joshua chapter 9

What do we do in the face of decision as leaders? I have to think back to decisions I have made as a leader and examine them in the light of this passage. Did I rely on my own understanding or the physical evidence that pointed to what I thought would give me a solid foundation for a good decision?

One of the things that I focused on after reading this passage was the fact that Joshua and the other leaders had fallen into the ruse of the Gibeonite travellers. I stayed in this place trying to dig deeper into an understanding of why they were blind to the deception before them. After some time of reflection I began to question my own process of decision, I now understand more that it is because my sinful nature that I often do rely on my own strength or the strengths of others on my team to make decisions. This passage is a great reminder that we need to bring everything before God as we lead in the decisions in all areas of life.

As leaders I believe that we need to also focus on how Joshua and the other leaders responded to the cries of the whole assembly to destroy them. They stayed true to their word, even though it would have been easy for them to destroy the Gibeonite people. They had made an oath before the Lord that they would not destroy them. Joshua and the other leaders were men of honor and integrity, holding true to their oath was a powerful example of true leadership to the people of Israel.

This reminds me of a leadership principle from John MacArthur in his book Called to Lead. He gives us this principle… “A leader empowers by example”, When we seek God’s guidance in this area He is able to reveal through us His perfect example allowing us to be better leaders.

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