Obedience & Faith

As I read into the life of Joshua, I begin to understand the significance of the example of obedience he had in listening to and acting upon the will of the Lord. I begin to think about the incredible amount of faith that Joshua had as a leader in following the Lords instructions. Joshua’s obedience in faithfully following the Lord was an example that encouraged, instilled confidence and built loyalty in the people as they journeyed together. Chapter 1:16-18 gives us a glimpse of the trust that the people had not only in Joshua but also in the Lord to lead them to the land He promised to them.

Obedience, faith, and dependence on God I believe are what made Joshua one of Israel’s strongest leaders. I tend to want to paint a perfect picture of Joshua as a leader but as I continue to read I am reminded that even the best can fall. When Joshua fell short of full dependence on the Lord the picture I paint starts to become dark and clouded, it becomes hard look beyond the failure.

Today through the sacrifice of his son for our sins, God has provided each of us a choice to accept his love and a way to come before him to be forgiven. When we respond to His amazing gift of love and grace it allows us to bring before Him every one of our shortfalls. When we fail to be obedient to His word, as we confess our tendencies of dependence in others or ourselves He can use us just as he used Joshua. We all can be leaders that inspire and encourage when we live out a faith that fully depends on God.


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