2 John ~ Truth…


Loving in truth, knowing truth, upholding truth, walking in truth and living in truth…

John has given us a clear understanding of the theme or message of this short letter; it’s all about truth. As in his first letter John reminds us of the dangers of the false teaching and those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh and look to worldly ways. He warns us not to let them into our homes (our churches) as when we do we then tempted to share in their wicked ways.

When we have a true understanding of the truth and walk in confidence with God we can guard ourselves from those who are outside the truth. John found “great joy” in knowing that the love they have for one another is a love that comes through walking in obedience to the commands the Lord has given us.

This short letter from John concludes with a note of desire to visit and talk with and teach more about how living in the truth will strengthen and encourage the people. Even in his day and age when communication was limited to writing or speaking face-to-face John has this desire to know them and be with them. I do believe that in our present day modes of communication we are beginning to lose that personal connection. We need to embrace the same attitude as John we as brothers and sisters in Christ need to be together to love and encourage each other.


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