Two Important Reminders

Important-StampNow all has been heard; here is the conclusion to the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments.” (Ecclesiastes 12:13)

Ecclesiastes is a book full of great teaching, much of which centers around the senselessness of putting stock into the things of this world compared to the advantage of trusting that God will supply all our needs in life. Reading Ecclesiastes through the lens of learning about humility I was drawn to the very last verses where it hits on the topic of fearing God and keeping his commandments. Proverbs 22:4 clearly tells that “humility is the fear of the Lord.“ After reading through Ecclesiastes Solomon essentially gives us a mini pep talk, a motivational mini speech through these two final verses. We have made it through the following 11 chapters and then he wraps it up like this: “Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion to the matter”, it is like he says lets not dwell on all that stuff (although he seemed to as he repeated himself often) here is the most important part… FEAR GOD (be humble) and KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS (follow the rules).

The humble lives we are called to live don’t have to be boring and mundane, God gives us everything we need, we just have to be willing to accept it in His measure. God’s goodness and love is poured into our lives as humble servants when we allow Him to direct our lives. It is up to us, it is our choice to follow his commandments. Taking what God has given us and finding joy, peace and good in it needs to be celebrated as a gift from Him.

We all face many of the same situations described in the words of Ecclesiastes today. I can think of many people in my own life that continually fight the futile battle in life to achieve the best and biggest in life. I am guilty of the same kind of attitude in many respects; it is a part of my human nature. As I spend more time in God’s word reflecting on the words of instruction for my life the more I see how my life is influenced by the world around me. Today I read Ecclesiastes as a call to dig deeper in knowing my place in God’s plan, depending more on Him for the things that will shape who I am. Thankful for the many things I have already learned I wait in anticipation for what He has yet to teach me.

One thought on “Two Important Reminders

  1. Good entry Steve. We, indeed need to realize that humility is a critical factor in leadership & in spiritual formation. We are the created not the creator. We are the finite not the infinite. Our journey is a life-time process. Just when we reach pure humility (in our minds) we become proud of it.

    Solomon has written well wise words for us.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm in your last statement. Just be aware that the greatest way we learn humility is through suffering of some form. There are moments when you will suggest to God that maybe you’ve grown enough for a while! You might even find yourself asking the same question of David in Psalm 13.

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