Grinding Away in Humility

DSC_0912My journey into understanding the nature of biblical humility through the writings in Philippians, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes has been eye opening and challenging. Each book has given me a new perspective and knowledge of how we as servants of Christ should be living a humble life. The process of learning has been relatively easy but the process of application on the other hand has been more difficult. One of my mentors offered this thought, “Just be aware that the greatest way we learn humility is through suffering of some form.”

After reading through the sixty-six chapters of Isaiah searching through a mixed variety of topics I was re-introduced to the word contrite. Isaiah 66:2 records these words: “These are the ones I look on with favor: those who are humble and contrite in spirit, and who tremble at my word.” Translated from its roots in Greek and Hebrew the word contrite means, crushed, crippled or broken. Exodus 32:20 uses the phrase “ground into powder” a powerful illustration or action of how we are to humbly repent of all our sin and pride before God, giving over absolutely everything to Him. Learning and living in true humility calls us to do hard things, I do believe we will suffer and change in many ways as we grind away the things of this world that we are hanging on to in our lives.

I find two great promises in the words of Isaiah 57:15 for those who live humbly and with a contrite spirit. First we have the promise of living forever with God “in a high and holy place” one day when He returns. Secondly as we continue to live in this upside down world we can be assured that God will give us everything we need to live a good life, in our times of suffering and perseverance He will be with us. A contrite heart will receive the blessings and comfort of our great God; we will one day be with Him in that “high and holy place”. I am thankful that I have this hope and promise of eternal life, I pray that God will use me as his humble servant to call others to His name so they can come to know the same loving, merciful, and forgiving God.

One thought on “Grinding Away in Humility

  1. Amen, to your expression of ‘hope and promise of eternal life…’. How do people live without this? Good thoughts Steve.

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