Living in a Fog



A dense fog has the ability to obscure our visibility when walking down the sidewalk or driving down a road. We can become disoriented in the fog, losing track of where we are. Our sense of sight becomes secondary to our senses of hearing and touch.  Sometimes as I write these blogs my mind enters into a “fog” of sorts, it is a strange mental moment that obscures and confuses my thought processes. Being in the fog often slows us down, making us pay closer attention to the things around us as we can’t see the details.

My next few blogs will be focusing on the nature of God’s family and the function of earthly families as I read through and reflect on what God’s word says about both. The Song of Songs records a very descriptive narrative focused on love and passion between a bridegroom and his bride. The love notes or poems point us to the bigger story of the bond of marriage between a man and a woman as it was intended through the eyes of our Lord. When we allow ourselves to enter into the text and read it through the lens of understanding family and relationship, it suggests – through comparison for the most part – that today we have walked into a fog of misunderstanding and obscurity around the truth of genuine love and relationship.

Our society today has a distorted view of marriage and love from those first perfect relationships that started in the Garden of Eden. (God and man and man and wife) We talk about walking with God today but not in the same sense that Adam and Eve did in the beginning. This fog we are in now is nothing new as it too eventually clouded those first perfect relationships. Reading through the book of Songs by Solomon give us a hope for a return to this perfect union, it shines a light on the depth of love is found in the union of marriage (the cornerstone of a healthy family). Solomon’s words, inspired by God are a reflection of love that our creator has for all of us. We pray for the revival of faith in God, through that I also pray that our growing faith and understanding in our relationship with Him will lift the fog that set us back on the road of true biblical relationship with each other.


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