What is On Your List?

ChecklistWe all make lists. It might be a mental or written “to do” list, a grocery list, a list of Marvel movies to watch, a wish list on Amazon, a music playlist or a list of your favorite cat videos. Depending on your personality you might make a list to organize your lists. (I know you are out there) Some people have a bucket list, a list of experiences or achievements that they hope to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

In the Bible, James gives us a practical list of ways to live as followers of Christ, to live a Christian life.

  • Know that true wisdom comes from God, not from the things of the world (3:17)
  • Put your faith into action (2:14)
  • Overcome trials with joy (1:2)
  • Think before you speak (1:19)
  • Show no favoritism (2:1)
  • Pride is our enemy (4:6)
  • Taming our tongue (3:9-12)
  • Be humble (4:6)
  • When we are suffering, pray. (5:13)
  • Confess your sin before God and others (5:16)

Did you notice the top two items on the list? Faith and wisdom. Faith is having an active trust and belief that is evident by obedience to the Word of God. Godly wisdom is pure, peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. When our faith in God is securely built on the foundations of Christ’s death and resurrection and we live that out in our lives we bring honor and glory to our Creator. Because of our faith we can ask God for the wisdom to live our lives according to the rest of the list James gives us. Our faith is strengthened when we find joy in the face of trials of life; when we recognize pride as our enemy we can grow in humility; when we call out to God (pray) in faith he will answer us. God never intended for us to live life on our own, he gave us brothers and sisters in His name to walk alongside us, to be a reflection and reminder of Him, to be listeners and encouragers. If you made it to the end of this blog, I challenge you to choose just one of the listed actions and live in it, ask yourself how you are doing in that area of life and ask God to help you live so that He may be glorified.

2 thoughts on “What is On Your List?

  1. Wise words Steve!
    Just did a road trip with Syd Bergsma, a relative of yours somehow, I think! He’s in Mexico for 2 weeks with his youth group on a missions trip. Please pray for them if you think of it!!

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