Walk Humbly.

Walk-humblyCharles Spurgeon in his devotional Morning and Evening on May 19th wrote these words: “Upstarts frequently usurp the highest places while the truly great linger in obscurity. Even though He is the Prince of the kings of the earth, when our Lord was on earth, He walked the footpath of weariness and service as the Servant of servants.”

Spurgeon was reflecting on a short passage from Ecclesiastes 10:7, “I have seen servants on horses, while princes walk on the ground like servants.” This verses reminds me of some modern day movie storylines (I won’t reveal their names but you can imagine what they may be as I watch these with my three girls) where during the final battle or surprising conclusion to a quest reveals the prince or king coming forward from the crowd dressed as a commoner or soldier. The grand reveal in these stories gives the people a confidence and a cause for loyalty and honor to their prince or king, there is a connection made at a “ground level” that helps bridge the gap from royalty to commoner. There is a sense of compassion, care and love that people feel when they are connected.

Christ in His completely unselfish act of humility walked and served among us as sinners, he connected with the lost, the sick, and the social outcasts; He had compassion on them, He loved them. As Christ walked with us in this world he was among those who experienced the consequences of a prideful heart, He walked alongside people like you and me as we “sat in the saddle” of pride and self-centeredness, I can only imagine how this must have broken His heart. Christ was never here to sit on the horse and lead us from the front; He came to walk with us on the ground. Today when we jump off the horse and walk humbly in His name He gives us the opportunity to lift others up. Through the power of the Holy Spirit He walks with us as we pour out compassion, care and love to others just like He continues to do for us.

One thought on “Walk Humbly.

  1. Well stated Steve. A leader must be in front, alongside & among his/her followers! Christ is the ultimate example of this – John 13. His motivation was love. His attitude was humility. His purpose (for washing the disciples feet) was to be an example. This passage parallels Ecc. 10:7.

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